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Our history

Holden Books – born of 160 years of writing, publishing and printing.

Holden Books is dedicated to honoring the past by reissuing best selling or iconic hardcover books in eBook and print-on-demand formats. Holden Books will also be publishing the highest-quality new fiction.

The book industry is entering into an era where anyone can publish anything and choosing what to read is becoming more difficult each day. As we introduce our catalog, we believe Holden Books will become trusted for excellence in both literary achievement and eBook formatting.

Our first title is “Saloon Society”, by Bill Manville.





William Holden, circa 1880


John Trusty Holden I (1840 – 1869)

Artist, writer and lecturer on Australia.

John T Holden I and II

John T. Holden II and III, circa 1920


John Trusty Holden II (1869 – 1944)

Born September 8, 1869 in Rutherford, NJ,  John T Holden II printed an amateur newspaper at 10 years of age, worked at a local newspaper at 12, was foreman of a NY printing office at 16 years old, worked at the New York Herald at 19.

Mr. Holden moved to California where he worked for the LA Examiner, then moved to Sacramento where he worked at the Sacramento Union newspaper. He opened his own advertising agency, the John T. Holden Advertising Agency, from 1912-1923. He was Founder, Editor, and Publisher of the North Sacramento Journal.


John Trusty Holden III (1900 – 1986)

Owner, Editor, and Publisher of the North Sacramento Journal.


Thomas Marino (1924 – 2009) (son-in-law of John T. Holden III)

Editor, writer, printer for the North Sacramento Journal.  Sales Manager for one of  N. California’s largest printing and publishing firms, Commerce Printing.


Chris Donovan  (granddaughter of John T. Holden, daughter of Tom Marino)

Owner and Publisher, Holden Books. Author, Compass for the Dead (to be published late 2013) – historical fiction set in 18th Century Ireland and Italy.

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  1. emily hanchett #

    What a great site! Looking forward to more of it

    April 11, 2013

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