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Holden Books publishes Saloon Society, by Bill Manville

April 10, 2015

Saloon Society: The Diary of a Year Beyond Aspirin is the 1960 Greenwich Village cult classic, now available in eBook and print-on-demand formats. Read more on our Saloon Society page.

Purchase the Kindle edition: Saloon Society

Greenwich Village by Matte Stephens

Original New York Times Book Review from 1960

Saloon Society has a unique style – a highly readable mixture of the confessional tale, court song, aphorisms and epiphany. Hang-upniks suddenly show up at the San Remo or The White Horse, and in three seconds we are introduced to why a marriage broke up or the configurations of a swinging chick or why bodies are boring or fun or vast nibbling and drinking sketches.” More…

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